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Quality System
Waexim is founded on honesty and integrity but our business is founded on quality. Accordingly, Waexim is proud to be ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified, Waexim on November 21, 2017, pass IATF16949-2016 quality management system standard version for review.

a. Our company focusing on QUALITY MANAGEMENT, assure to provide EXCELLENT QUALITY to our customers
b.Upgrading staffs with STATE-OF-ART and technologies so as to SERVE our customer PROFESSIONALLY
c. Understanding customer’s expectation and striving to achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

LAW COMPLIANCE, complying to National and local laws ,policies and requirements relative to Environment Protection
ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION, All stalls participate in Environment Management & control ,Improving their consciousness& ability of Environment Protection; bring up then with good habits of environment protection.
LEAN PRODUCTION, Upgrading technologies, strengthening corporation management, striving to reduce the waste of energies & raw materials. Furthest improving the productivity of energy & resource and change product design, renewing designing concepts, striving to reduce waste letting and considering environment factor into our products and services; so as to reduce waste and improve the economy benefits of corporation.
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, according to P-D-C-A running pattern, amending& continuous improving environment management system, continually improving environment management performance

With our measuring equipment, we are able to monitor the critical dimension, curing temperature and functional characters during the production, we conduct SPC for molding parameters, MSA,Cp, Cpk Go/No Go gauge for critical dimension. Our critical measuring equipment including, Nikon V-12B profile Projector(1um grade), CCD projector, Temp monitor, Micrometer, Caliper, Torque tester and Custom designed bounce, wearing& other functional gauge -- to name just a few.