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Liquid Silicone Molding
With the advanced liquid silicone molding facility, automatic production equipment, and 300,000 grade clean room, Waexim can carry out both horizontal and vertical injection molding, with high precise injection molding, over-molding or 2K, multi-component liquid injection molding and HTV molding.
Machine Tons vary from 40Tons~ 150Tons, injection machines including Engel, Boy, Mutiplus, Haitian and so on.
LSR Molding Capability
LSR Molding Machine List
  • LSR + LSR
  • LSR + Plastics
  • LSR + Metal
  • LSR + Chipset & Cable
  • Self- adhesive LSR
  • 300K Clean Room 
  • Full Cold Runner Tool
  • Flash Free Parts
  • Insert or Over Molding
  • 2K or Multi-component