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Enterprise Cultures

  Our Objective


Focusing on the wisdom of employees and producing excellent products

Satisfying Customer Demand and Creating Enterprise Value 

  Our Mission

Establishing Centennial Enterprises and Creating Centennial Brands

  Our Value

Team Cooperation with Summum Bonum,  Respect& love with Complete Sincerity

Innovative,Rapid,Pragmatic and Simplified;To achieve "Gong Ho" and "Win-Win"

  • Y2019 BIQS Training of Waexim
  • Y2019 Travel to TaiNing
  • Y2019 Mid-Autumn Party
  • Y2018 Mid-Autumn Party
  • Y2018 Annual dinner
  • Y2014 Outdoor Training
  • Y2014 Fire Drill
  • Y2013 Outdoor Training
  • Y2013Annual Dinne
  • Y2012Staff Birthday
  • Y2012Outdoor Training
  • Y2011Annual Dinner
  • Y2011Mid-Autumn Staff Even
  • Y2010 Mid-Autumn Staff Even
  • Y2010 Mid-Autumn Party
  • Y2009 May Day Staff Even
  • Y2009 May Day Staff Even
  • Y2008 May Day Travel to Quanzhou
  • Y2008 May Day Travel to Quanzhou
  • Y2007 May Day Travel to hangzhou
  • Y2007 Annual Dinner
  • Y2006 Annual Dinner
  • Y2006 May Day Travel to Liancheng