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300K Grade Cleanroom

LSR is a proprietary name for a range of two-component Liquid Silicone Rubbers  used to produce elastic parts by injection molding. Because of its high thermal stability, good rubber-like properties and resistance to aging, LSR is the material of choice by many designers in automotive, aerospace, electronics, health care,food care, baby care, medical and textile industries.

The material has a wide temperature range (-94 degree F to +400 degree F) with low compression set and resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and ozone. And it is widely used in 2K (2 components) molding (eg, rubber & rubber, rubber & plastics as PA,PET,PBT,PPS etc), mix color molding & over molding (eg. on TPV, plastics, glass, Metal etc) 

LSR molding is more competitive than other molders because of less overhead of sophisticated class 100K clean room facilities. Many LSR components do not require the extreme cleanliness of an implantable medical component; therefore, LSR molding will be filling that type of need. 

Waexim LSR Molding utilize electric heated presses up to 200F and 120-200 tons of pressure with both horizontal and vertical LSR injection machines

Waexim Liquid Injection Molding capabilities include Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) process technology for both clear and colored silicone parts, which provide an expanded option to our current customers and to new prospects.

       Waexim Liquid Injection Molding is produced under 300K grade cleanroom, All the process (including storage) occurred in clean environment. So as to supply safety, health, non-polution and clean products.